blog_icon Hello readers and friends – We are thrilled to be able to say “we are here”, in the creative space of our very own blog! Welcome! May this be the first of many visits, where we can endlessly meet over a good cup of coffee and a great dose of creative inspiration. As you know, our forteit is Retail Marketing, with a flair for creating Brands, we pride ourselves on being key players in the field. However, with the amount of skillful, innovative dynamos that make up our team at Purple Plumm™, why not share with you all the elements that keep our creativity flowing? Here, you will find a constant mood-board of inspired activities varying from across the globe right to our local doorstop.This includes everything that is of interest to us, and more importantly of interest to you – covering topics and fields that motivate creativity and success across the board. Our mantra and core being at Plumm™ is Substance Feeds Ideas – May the Plumm Muse feed and inspire your ideas!

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